Name: Aoife Pucchio
A.B. Lucas Secondary School/ Western University, London, ON
Exhibit: Styrofoam- A Problem We Need To (dis)-Solve — Recipient of the Award of Excellence

Project Description:

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), or Styrofoam, takes up 30% of average landfills. Currently, only 1% of EPS is recycled. EPS dissolves in d-Limonene, an oil extracted from the rinds of citrus fruits. By developing a prototype process for municipalities involving on-site dissolving depots, EPS can be efficiently transported in solution to a centralized facility for recycling into a highly reusable plastic.








Name: Mathew Maradin
Hillfield Strathallan College, Hamilton, ON
Exhibit: The Flashboard 2.0

Project Description: Zero percent carbon footprint electric skateboard that is cost effective and environmentally friendly. 







Name: Ibrahim Iftikhar
School: Hillfield Strathallan College, Hamilton, ON
Exhibit: Holomeds 3D

Project Description: An augmented reality application that uses the Microsoft Hololens platform to transform medical scans into 3D holograms.







Name: Riya Karumanchi
School: White Oaks Secondary School, Oakville, ON
Exhibit: SmartCane

Project Description: An assistive device for orientation and mobility for the visually impaired, blind and deafblind.







Name: Danish Mahmood
School: Central Secondary School, London, ON
Exhibit: Wireless Interconnected Non-Invasive Triage System (W.I.N.I.T.S.)

Project Description: A wearable biomedical finger sensor that provides continuous and non-invasive vital signs measurements including cuffless blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and body temperature.







Name: Whale Bycatch Reduction Team (Lindsay Vasilak)
School: McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
Exhibit: Whale Bycatch Reduction Team Fishing Gear Design

Project Description: A novel fishing technique intended to eliminate whale entanglement hazard by involving automatic inflation of underwater lift bags to transport lobster traps from the seafloor to water surface for retrieval by fishermen.







Name: Ryerson Ram (R3)
School: Ryerson University, Toronto, ON
Exhibit: Ryerson Ram Robotics Rover

Project Description: A rover that can function on a Mars-like environment and do testing of samples to assess potential for life.