2016 Innovation Nation Conference and Robotics Competition

May 29, 2016

Liuna Station
360 James St N
Hamilton, ON L8L 1H

Innovation Nation Conference Agenda (PDF)

The 2016 Innovation Nation Conference, will feature presentations by innovators,
inventors, business and industry leaders who are changing the way we live, work and
play and redefining our cultural, economic and healthcare initiatives with the goal of
building a stronger, more prosperous Canada.

This year the event will consist of a half day of talks, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and
the opportunity to network with leaders in science, engineering, research,
medicine and industry.

Following the 1:00 pm luncheon break the Robotics Competition will be held in
the afternoon from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the King George Ballroom, on the lower
level at LIUNA Station.

The Robotics Competition will endeavour to shine a light on the skills and ingenuity of
our students and all Canadian high school and university/college students are invited to
participate in the competition, which will focus on unique and innovative designs in

Teams will have the opportunity to win cash prizes and recognition for innovative robotic
concepts. A prestigious panel of judges from industry, science and academia will select
the winners.

The designs should be forward thinking, embody ideas that are both
transformational and unique, have functionality demonstrating ease of use and a
practical application in the real world.

This competition is an opportunity for your students to showcase their ideas, ingenuity
and talent to industry professionals, potential mentors, employers and business leaders
who are internationally recognized for their accomplishments. From the designs
showcased three prizes will be awarded. The awards are as follows: Platinum Award
for the best in the competition, University/College Prize and High School Prize.

For the competition, innovations must be presented by one (or more) members of each
team entered in the event. The team will be required to demonstrate their functional
robot and tasks it is designed to perform. Teachers/professors are not permitted to
participate in the live presentations.

All students entered must be registered in a Canadian educational institution at
the time of the event or had just completed their final semester in the institution
of their category.

The submission deadline for this event is May 4th 2o16. Entries must be postmarked or
include courier slips to ensure that they arrive by the close of business on May 15, 2015, 4pm.

This is a “future forward” opportunity that will provide students with an opportunity to
engage imagination, intellect and expertise to compete with their peers in helping to
shape new ideas and innovations to create a better Canada.

Should you have any further questions regarding this exciting opportunity, please contact
CSii at (905) 522-1155 ext. 35340 or via email at dvivian@stjosham.on.ca

Yours truly,

Dr. Mehran Anvari,
CEO and Scientific Director
Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii)

For event conference information & sponsorship opportunities:

Debra Vivian
Director of Communications (CSii)
The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii)
50 Charlton Avenue, East, Rm 808
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 4A6
905-522-1155 X 35340


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