Student Names: Stephanie Koehl, James Nguyen, Francesco Rao, Jonah Krochmalnek, and James Garell-Jones.

Profile: Skyvolt is a sustainable aerospace engineering company developing an electric propulsion system to be retrofitted into small aircraft.

Profile: Fusion Vision System [FVS] is an Augmented Reality Smart Visor that could be attached to the firefighter helmet. FVS provides enhanced vision and information sharing abilities that will allow firefighters to see through smoke, locate victims and find fire sources. By using the live video stream and indoor localization provided by FVS, the commanders can make better decisions and help firefighters extract from the compound.

Name of student: Peter Yang

Brief Company Description: Reviewerly is a user-generated content app that helps ecommerce store owners capture reviewers at checkout, set expectations from the get-go, and generate product reviews risk-free.