During her career in the beauty and fashion industries, Sherry Abbott has conducted business and supported philanthropic initiatives around the globe including Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States. As a single woman, she accepted a job offer to live in Jakarta where she ran Indonesia’s largest international cosmetic company at the height of the country’s social and political unrest. Always a passionate and adventurous traveler, beyond the business of beauty, she has gained much insight from her social and humanitarian work as she advocates and educates about the need for psychosocial and supportive cancer care programs for people and their families impacted by the disease.

Sherry’s life abruptly came to a halt in 1989 when she was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer with inoperable tumors around her heart. She was told she had no chance for survival. Despite her grim prognosis, Sherry built a dedicated team of medical professionals who were successful in curing the aggressive metastatic cancer that threatened her life.

Today she is known as the world’s longest living survivor of advanced small-cell ovarian cancer. As with many patients who have had radical cancer treatment, she lives with long-term physical side effects, most notably, mobility issues as a result of extensive nerve damage to her legs and spine. Despite these challenges, Sherry remains optimistic and is steadfast in her commitment to live a fully active life.

In 2016, Sherry again faced the challenges of fear and anxiety that come with a cancer diagnosis. This time it was breast cancer. She’ll be the first to tell you that her most recent diagnosis was the perfect catalyst to push herself further and to keep on living a life full of no-regrets.

Sherry brings a wealth of first-hand insight and understanding of the cancer journey and its live altering impact on women and their families. Over the years these experiences motivated her personal commitment to advocate not only for early detection and access to screening, but also for the need for support for the emotional fallout of cancer and its treatment. “The medical profession does a tremendous job in treating the tumour, and now we need to encourage support for the emotional aspects of a cancer diagnosis. Far too many women are suffering in silence.” Sherry believes that no woman should have to face cancer alone.

As Global Ambassador for the world’s largest women’s cancer support program, Look Good Feel Better, offered in 26 countries, she is proud to build on her cancer experiences and reflect the voices of women, their families and survivors everywhere. Sherry is recognized as an international woman’s cancer care advocate, and an avid supporter of the survivorship movement.

Sherry has been speaking to international audiences for more than two decades, passionately sharing her personal story of courage, determination and the way forward. Her personal charisma and never-say-never attitude, along with the lessons she has learned on her personal cancer journey are sure to inspire you to maximize your own personal potential.