Institution:   John Polanyi Collegiate, Toronto, ON

KaST-Robotics Team Photo

Team Name: KaST Robotics
Robot Function: Cost efficient, open source 3D printing with dual extrusion

Faculty Representative: Vernon Kee

Team Members:

Shahzaib Asher
Kamran Tayyab
Thinh Ho




Institution:  Bayview Secondary School – Richmond Hill, ONBayview Robotics Team

Team Name:  Bayview Robotics
Robot Function: Leaf Collector

Faculty Representative: Gabriel Nemeth

Team Members:
Joyce Li
Group Members:
Anas Mahdi
Anson Chan
Dorothy Yang
Emily Lin
Gemma Zhang
Hassan Mahdi
Hillary Fung
Kevin Wen
Satoshi Baba



Institution Name: John Polanyi Collegiate Institute, Toronto, Ontario

Team Name:  Solis Auxilium
Robot Function:  A device that automatically flips the car visor to block the sun, so you do not get distracted
Solis Auxilium Team Photo

Faculty Representative:  Vernon Kee

Team Members:

Wathaned Ean
William Torrance,
Colin Morenz,
Derrick Yu,
Joshua Kim,
Owen Reid



Institution:  Hillfield Strathallan College, Hamilton, ON

Team NameHillfield Strathallan College

Faculty Representative:  Chris DiMarino – Robotics Supervisor
Robot Function:  Vex Robotics Competition – Shoots balls

Team Members:
Grace Thompson
Brooke Dolny
Cameron McRae
Liam Sammut



Institution:  Glendale Secondary School – Hamilton, ONglendale-robot

Team Name:  Brain Computer Interface Evolutionary New Prosthetics
Robot Function:  Reads neurons patterns and determines the thought of the user

Faculty Representative: Lawrie Cook & Mark Harris

Team Members:  Ahmed Ibrahim



Institution:  McMaster University – Hamilton ONX-Drive Team Photo

Team Name:  X-Drive
Robot Function: Manaual to Power Wheel Chair Conversion Kit

Faculty Representative:  Dr. Ishwar Singh

Team Members:

Alex Shortt
Badri Srinivasan
Lukas Perez