PRSM Medical is a medical device company focused on developing innovative technologies for diagnostics in healthcare. We are currently developing

a low-cost, handheld melanoma detection device, The sKan, that has the potential to revolutionize the diagnostic procedure for detecting melanomas.

Melanoma is easily treated if detected early, yet it claims hundreds of thousands of lives around the world annually. It accounts for 80% of all skin cancer-related deaths. Current diagnostic procedure relies on a physician visually assessing a suspicious mole, which is a purely qualitative judgement. There is a lack of a quantitative methods to aid the diagnostic judgement.

The sKan is designed to be a low-cost device that will fill the gap in the melanoma diagnosis process by providing a quantitative assessment. It is based on research that indicates differences in thermal properties between melanomas and healthy skin. The device consists of a grid of temperature sensors that map out the heat activity on and around a suspicious mole.
This data is then analyzed by a computer program which assesses the risk of cancer.