Melissa Marchese is a fierce singer with an undeniable stage presence who stands out in a world full of twee singers and songwriters. Marchese boldly commands the stage with her soulful voice and passionate energy.

She found her voice as a child, singing folk songs with her family, exploring her love of languages in both English and in French. Her dedication for music grew and evolved and she performed with many establish groups through her formative years finally deciding to focus on her own songs and direction.  

World class producer/engineer Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Alexisonfire, The Sheepdogs) saw real promise for Marchese when he took on the role of producing her previous ventures.  Blagona would capitalize on Marchese’s vocals finding endless dynamics and ranges to guide the myriad of songs and styles he was looking for. When she sings, Marchese can slap you to attention with a roar like a lioness and then lull you back down with an angelic touch.

It is her dedication to light and love that drives everything about Melissa Marchese. She is now poised to take command of her musical journey as songs come together through her own dedicated efforts. “It’s a little scarier not being part of a band,” she admits, but she is more confident than ever on spotlighting her perspective through her own laser guided efforts. 

Melissa Marchese is excited to bring music to new audiences to formulate the foundation of her new record. Every new song she writes offers another facet to her complex love for songwriting and with every note she sings, Marchese leaves audiences enthralled…

“be love. spread love. that’s it. that’s all.”