BJ Hardman

Chairman and CEO BJ Hardman founded Sanarus Technologies in 2009, successfully bringing advanced cryoablation technology to market. The company’s flagship product, the Visica®2 Treatment System, is a low-pressure liquid nitrogen cryotherapy device currently used for the treatment of benign and early stage breast cancer tumors, as well as in cryoablation-assisted surgery.

A top executive who has made significant contributions to industry, Hardman is a frequent speaker and author of numerous articles including, Improving Market Share and Profitability and Customer Delight: The Key to Success.

She was chief coach and CEO of PointStar Consulting Group, a company focused on rapid implementation of enterprise-wide solutions for clients, aligning customer needs, strategy, processes, technology and people. In addition, Hardman has held executive positions with Johnson & Johnson, Argonaut Group, KPMG Consulting and GE Capital.

An ardent proponent of research and innovation, Hardman’s Industry experience includes biomedical devices, financial management, manufacturing and distribution. She holds a Master of Science degree in Business Management from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, where she was a Sloan Fellow, and a bachelor’s degree in finance from California State University, San Jose.